Modular Synth

Having never before played a modular synth, I entered into the work of DIY synthesizers in Winter 2021. I didn't want to use any kits or pre-made modules as I really wanted to learn through the process so I began from the ground up. I began designing PCBs based on schematics I found online, and built them onto homemade panels. Over the past year and a half I have gotten a lot better at this process, have begun designing my own modules and have created homemade modular systems for a few musicians!

Synth I made for a bass player who wanted a modular system he could play bass through.

Synth I made for a saxophone player who wanted a modular system that could make really noisy sounds along with his playing.

My synth.

Modules I have made

Voltage Controlled Oscillator Music from Outer Space
Voltage Controlled LFO Music from Outer Space
ADSR Envelope Generator Music from Outer Space
Micro Sample & Hold Music from Outer Space
Analog Shift Register Catgirl Synth
Dual Universal Slope Generator Serge
Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter Music from Outer Space
Noise Cornucopia Music from Outer Space
Psycho LFO Catgirl Synth
16-Step Sequencer Music from Outer Space
Balanced Modulater Yusynth
Triple Waveshaper Serge
Voltage Quantizer Music from Outer Space
Wave Multiplier Serge
Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier Music from Outer Space
VCO Music from Outer Space
Master Divider Catgirl Synth
Cynare Catgirl Synth
Moogerfooger-MF107 Freqbox Moog
DIODE VCF hyperreal??
Drum Simulator Catgirl Synth
EchoFXXX Music from Outer Space
Gated Comparator Catgirl Synth
Voltage Controlled Spring Reverb Music from Outer Space
Smooth and Stepped Generator Serge
Totem pole Ossamu Hoshuyama
MS-20 Style Filter René Schmitz
Utility LFO Catgirl Synth
Wave folder Catgirl Synth
MIDI to CV Converter Original Design
Mixer/Attenuator/Multiplier Original Design
Four Step Sequencer Original Design
Discrete VCA Original Design
LM13700 VCA Original Design
Clouds Mutable Instruments
Rings Mutable Instruments
Ripples Mutable Instruments
Elements Mutable Instruments
Braids Mutable Instruments