eeeëêe eeeeeEEE

eeeëêe eeeeeEEE is an interactive generative audio-visual installation that explores the beautiful creatures that can live within cyberspace. It consists of a visual created in Processing with a central structure visualizing a digital ocean and dolphins periodically spawning and decaying. The user can interact with it using a wii remote to tilt, and deform the central structure, spawn more dolphins and create a trail of past inputs in a form of visual reverb. Features from the visual are then sent to manipulate a droning, generative patch in SuperCollider. The dolphins are represented as clouds of semi-random sine waves which track across the stereo field with their horizontal position and across frequencies with their vertical position. Features of the central structure affect the timbre of the main drone sound and when the visuals are held in visual reverb, the audio is passed into an infinite hold reverb.

Digital Drawings