<-----MUSIC MUSIC----->

I like to make music that portrays
a feeling of warmth.

I like...
pop music
cute music
music without key signatures
layering 10+ instruments on top of each other
casio keyboards
amateur brass playing
very fast strumming

Rose Melberg Fanclub

this is the current name of my
all-encompasing solo project. i
try to keep it focused in driving
motivation if not in sound. i use
it to create warm pop and ambient
music and i try to make use of
every instrument i own here, often
all at once

Free Ice Cream

my twee/jangle/noise pop band
this is my first time in a
project with other people where
i do a significant amount of the
writing. this is absolutely the most
fun i've ever had playing music with
other people
the band is will, owen, tom, kyra and me
we don't have any music released yet
but i have our demos up on my soundcloud

Mason Mann and the Wild Animals

in high school when i first started
playing music outside of band class
i decided i wanted to learn every song
off of my favorite album "69 love song"
by the magnetic fields, because i thought
that if i was able to do that i would be
good at music. in college i set
on that journey by covering one song a
week at an open mic at my school. as
of march 12th, 2020 I have finished this
project! i don't have any recordings
of this but would like to thank my friends
for helping me perform these songs <3

Tickle Princess

live sound art project with completely
different instrumentation, music, and concept
every time. usually its a little bit goofy
and usually has elements of electro-acoustic,
ambient, noise and free jazz. we're a google
drive exclusive band. i am very happy that
i met people who want to make this kind of
music with me

Dumpster Company

the music club i helped run at my college
would have events called "styrofoam sessions"
where we would write and record an album in one
night. Dumpster Company was the band of my era
in the club and most of the songs on the first two
albums were engineered, partially written, or partially
performed by me. songs i am especially proud of are
christmas on a boat, snowshoe, and cyberflex omnicom

Two Factor Authentication

a goofy jam-funk-brass band i was in for a
while. i didn't like playing trumpet and
wasn't really into the genre of music but
it was one of the first times i was in a
band and i love all the members dearly
i also did most of the recording for the
ep and it was one of my first recording projects